Tony Clark – ATEX Contracts Engineer

“I Joined F.E.S. in June 2015 as a DSEAR Specialist. Having worked with Geoff Fulcher, many moons ago as his ATEX Team Supervisor, at the time I knew how highly respected he was in the industry. When the timing suited me, joining Geoff at F.E.S. was an obvious choice to make. As a company they have always ensured that, on top of my existing qualifications, they provided all the training (both in-house and accredited courses) required to allow me to carry out my roles and responsibilities with confidence and competence.

F.E.S. helped me achieve my early career goals to progress into a more engineering and management role, gaining a better appreciation and knowledge behind the health and safety aspects, and principles behind working within hazardous areas and flammable atmospheres. My roles and responsibilities have progressed significantly over the years, as my original role was primarily as support which developed into a key position within the business.

Presently my day-to-day responsibilities include managing teams of employees who undertake multiple projects across various national and international sites, offering advice and consultation to our large network of clients, and developing and delivering training courses to employees and clients alike. I also attend national and regional networking events and exhibitions, and assist the Energy Institute with the review and publication of guidelines to National Legislative Standards. F.E.S. has supported me throughout my professional career with them, allowing further developments in my roles and responsibilities, facilitating my membership into institutes which give me an insight into and allow me to help review and produce national guidelines.

We are fortunate at F.E.S. as we have an openness which allows a good, strong working relationship to have developed amongst all of us within the company. Over the years we have developed many strong working relationships with a global spectrum of clients, based upon our core values of Quality, Integrity, Safety and Honesty. F.E.S. is a growing company and as such there is a good focus on Continuous Professional Development which benefits the employees as well as the company, and provides organic growth from within. Another main benefit of working for F.E.S. is having the assurance that you are working for a well- established, well-respected company that genuinely cares for their employees.”