Process Safety Services

Process Safety Services
Ignition Risk Assessments

Where existing electrical and non-electrical equipment is in a hazardous area, do they need a full electrical- and a non-electrical equipment ignition risk assessment to verify their suitability in the zones identified [Electrical & Non-Electrical Equipment Ignition Risk Assessments (EEIRA and NEEIRA) or reviews]? Our Process Safety team are able to advise if your equipment requires Ignition Risk assessments and can formulate a programme to undertake them.

Process Safety Services
Lab Testing

We have access to some of the best globally accredited lab testing facilities that are able to generate data on the flammability, explosivity and thermal reactivity of your substances such as dusts, gas vapours and chemicals.

  • Dust & Power Testing
  • Gas & Vapour Testing
  • Thermal Stability Testing
  • Electrostatic Testing
  • Chemical Reaction Testing
Auditing & Reviews

Our experienced & competent team of Engineers & Process Safety Services personnel possess extensive capabilities to provide impartial audits & reviews. Through this we can provide an independent, third-party, expert view identifying strengths & weaknesses & making a series of recommendations to enable businesses to achieve excellence.

The Process Safety team have undertaken full, thorough, audits of steam boiler maintenance (after failure of the boiler cost the company millions of Euros in lost production!), through to complete health and safety reviews including such extremes as a medical radiological company, and a pharmaceutical drug manufacturer.

Process Safety Services
Expert Witness / Incident Investigation

Our Process Safety Specialist team has extensive experience in incident investigation and expert witness work – both on behalf of the Regulator (Health and Safety Executive in the UK and the Health and Safety Authority in Ireland) and on behalf of the company/client/Instructing Solicitor. Our team can be relied upon to deliver independent and impartial advice as the legal system requires as well as investigation findings.

Such investigations range from fatal explosions to environmental releases to risks involved in transporting an aluminium etchant solution in an aluminium-bodied tanker. They also include an Expert opinion on charges of arson, fatal and non-fatal, and transportation issues – fatal and non-fatal. BLEVEs of non-flammable materials have also been investigated by our team.

Where an investigation does not lend itself to an easy conclusion, our team can create investigative tools as required to assist. Our expert witness support includes standards & incidents in a wide range of sectors such as chemical, pharmaceutical, oil/petrochemical, food, metallurgical, powder processing, paint, and agricultural.

We have the specialist knowledge to assist clients in giving our expert opinion to which they can fully and confidently rely upon.

Documentary Contribution

As ATEX Specialists & Consultants, we contribute to many publications & reports as part of our commitment to sharing best practice.

Such publications include:

  • Research Report: Dispersion modelling & calculations in support of EI Model Code of Safe Practice Part 15: Area classification code for installations handling flammable fluids
  • Model Code of Safe Practice Part 1: The selection, installation, inspection & maintenance of electrical & non-electrical apparatus in hazardous areas
  • Guidelines for managing inspection of EX electrical equipment ignition risk in support of IEC 60079-17
  • API/Research Report: Verification of lightning protection requirements for above ground hydrocarbon storage tanks etc.

    • Data Interpretation
    • Vent Sizing (Design Institute for Emergency Relief Systems)
    • Chemical Reaction Hazard.

    • Safety Instrumented Systems
    • Safety Integrity Level (SIL).

    We pride ourselves on applying:

    • Relevant standards
    • Codes of practice
    • Dispersion modelling
    • Assessing & classifying a proposed or existing plant or process into zones based on the probability of explosive atmospheres & hazardous areas.
    • Consider business impact & advise on how best to ensure zones are kept to an absolute minimum.
    / COMAH

    • EA – Environmental Assessment
    • ER – Emergency Response
    • MAPP – Major Accident Prevention Policy
    • OBRA – Occupied Building Risk Assessment
    • REACH – Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of CHemicals
    • CLP – Classification, Labelling and Packaging
    • SMS – Safety Management Systems
    • SRAM – Safety Report Assessment Manual.

    • HAZID – Hazard Identification Study
    • HAZOP – Hazards & Operability Study
    • LOPA – Layers of Protection Analysis
    • PHA – Process Hazard Assessment
    • PSM – Process Safety Management
    • QRA – Quantitative Risk Assessment.


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