Ongoing ATEX Inspections for a Chemical Production Company

Our client, a reputable chemical production company, is a supplier to the medical, electronics, and sports sectors. Their chemical production site plays a pivotal role in producing their products for these diverse industries. We have been maintaining a consistent presence at their chemical production site, with a longstanding partnership that speaks volumes about F.E.S.’s dedication to ensuring safety in potentially hazardous environments.

Our primary task for this client is the continuous support conducting periodic ATEX inspections, a critical aspect in maintaining safety protocols in potentially explosive atmospheres. The chemical production site is equipped to handle a wide range of materials, serving the medical, electronics, and sport industries, which emphasises the utmost importance of adhering to stringent safety measures.

Recognised for our expertise and commitment, F.E.S. has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of the intricate safety requirements at the chemical production site. In addition to the ongoing work, we display exceptional flexibility to promptly respond to ad hoc outages that demand immediate attention. Our team efficiently scaled up our personnel as needed, ensuring that the site remained compliant and operational even during unexpected disruptions.

With a team ranging from 2 to 8 personnel, we maintain a consistent and vigilant presence at the chemical production site. Armed with ATEX-certified tablets, our team conducts thorough inspections and assessments, identifying potential risks and addressing them promptly to prevent any compromises to safety. The current works have been taking place for over 18 months and are ongoing, as we develop our longstanding relationship.

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