Mike Shaw – EHS Adviser

“I joined F.E.S. because I was seeking an EHS consulting role and was referred to the company by a mutual contact. I joined the company in 2019 as an EHS Adviser. My early career goals were to establish myself as a qualified EHS professional and work in both senior corporate and consulting roles across diverse industries and sectors in the UK and Middle East. Joining F.E.S. and being seconded to a major international energy sector client has enabled me to further underpin and strengthen my consulting role and capacity in a high-risk industrial environment.

F.E.S. has helped me achieve my career goals by offering significant and continued career development and success in my chosen professional discipline. This has enabled me to fulfil my demanding and pivotal role and provide specialist support to my assigned clients. My day-to-day activities in my current position involve being the dedicated senior EHS resource for the client at their high-risk research, development & testing site. I provide comprehensive EHS advice, guidance, and managerial support to site management and specialist engineering teams.

F.E.S. has helped me develop a strong personal relationship with the client and the on-site team of highly skilled and expert engineers. This allows me to devise and deliver a bespoke EHS-related service to meet the client’s particular needs, requirements, and expectations. Working for F.E.S. is enjoyable, satisfying, and rewarding. The company has a strong and varied client portfolio that offers good opportunities for career development with interesting challenges. Being permanently seconded to a major industrial client and remotely site-based, I only have limited interaction with the central management team each week. However, I am well supported and have a good rapport with all my colleagues.

The opportunities for professional development at F.E.S. are significant. There is a strong and varied client portfolio that offers good opportunities for career development with interesting and varied client-facing challenges. The opportunity for continuing professional development and to gain enhanced knowledge and expertise is readily available. The main benefits of working for F.E.S. include a great team spirit, the opportunity to work with highly skilled technical experts, limited competitors who provide a turnkey solution so its expertise is always in demand, offering better job security, favourable terms and conditions of employment, and a remuneration package. Flexibility and being trusted to deliver appropriate levels of service to clients are also key benefits, and employees are encouraged to actively seek business growth opportunities.

I believe that F.E.S. is an attractive employer due to its efficiency and strong international client base, which offers great opportunities for anyone wishing to develop a career in this field of work. Career prospects are very good for self-motivated and competent individuals. Compared to local competitors, what makes a job at F.E.S. better is the range of services that the company offers. There are few significant competitors across the country and particularly in the local market that provide the same range of services.

Qualities that would make a person a good fit for F.E.S. include being self-motivated, well-presented, possessing good interpersonal skills, articulate and with strong client-facing aptitude, technically skilled and competent with a determination to succeed, reliable and conscientious, and a team player but also capable of working independently on their own initiative. My advice for someone considering applying for a job at F.E.S. is that it’s not just a job – it’s a career! You need to be in it for the long term and always “walk the talk”. I think people who are hungry for success will be appreciated and encouraged to succeed.”