Emergency Lighting Installation For Off-Grid Gas Supplier

We take pride in our extensive experience working with clients in the Oil and Gas industry. This is the sector in which F.E.S. originated, and we have built up many great business relationships with longstanding clients in this industry. One of which is a major off-grid gas supplier, whose site in Cambridge we recently visited. This location is used primarily as a local stockist for their customers to purchase gas bottles.

On this occasion our client gave us a call because the emergency lighting at their site was in need of repair. It is a legal requirement for premises to have emergency lighting and for it to be maintained to a suitable and sufficient standard. This applies in all areas in which people are exposed to any danger in the event of a failure in artificial lighting. Our team of qualified and experienced electricians are all fully capable of completing the work to the standard which is to be expected. The work consisted of replacing the emergency lighting throughout the site before testing to ensure that the new LED emergency lighting system was functioning correctly.

Our client asked us to complete the project as soon as possible, and we were able to schedule the work within the same week. We sent an engineer to work onsite for 2 days to ensure that the work was completed to our client’s requirements. Pleased with completing the work, our engineer commented: “We regularly undertake projects for this client, at their sites all around the UK. The project was routine for us so it wasn’t particularly challenging, and the client was happy so I am satisfied with my work.”

Our client kindly gave us some positive feedback following the completion of the work: “We chose F.E.S. (EX) as they have provided us with excellent service in the past. The quote was easy to obtain, staff were very helpful and efficient, documentation such as RAMS was all as it should be. The work was done when they said it would be, and we are 100% satisfied with the work done. We would definitely recommend F.E.S. (EX).”