Cyber Essentials Certification

At F.E.S. we are, once again, proud to have obtained our Cyber Essentials Certificate of Assurance, an annual certification which demonstrates that our organisation takes a proactive stance against malicious cyber-attacks. This achievement is important in our industry, as it helps to reassure our clients that we are working to secure our I.T. systems against cyber-attack and have a clear understanding of an organisation’s cyber security concerns.

“Since 2017 the number of businesses experiencing phishing attacks has jumped from 72% to 86%”

With cyber hackers becoming more intelligent, and constantly adapting to new counter-hacking measures, it is essential that we stay up to date with this annual assessment. It helps to ensure we maintain our promise of having suitable cyber security measures in place.

Andrew Gregory our I.T. Specialist commented: “I’m really pleased with the positive result. The certification shows that we have clear rules for all things I.T. based within our company, ensuring that we are up to date with defending against the latest cyber security concerns.” He also added, “With the emergence of AI assisted software, data security is an ever-increasing concern. Cyber Essentials certification ensures that we pay attention to upcoming technologies that may pose a threat to data security and helps us understand what can be done to combat those threats.”