Storing, Handling, and Processing Hazardous Substances

As a matter of course: sites and processes handling flammable substances can cause uncontrolled dangerous events in the form of explosions and fires, and therefore need to be compliant with law by performing DSEAR/ATEX reviews and assessments, and implementation of the findings.

However, there is something else which may need attention; the quantity of hazardous materials stored and/or involved in their processes.

Additional COMAH [Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations 2015] requirements apply for sites with inventories of dangerous substances above relevant COMAH thresholds. These sites could have the potential for uncontrolled release of large dangerous substances harming multiple persons and/or the environment, and therefore require organised control.

COMAH regulation 5(1) states that ‘Every operator must take all measures to prevent major accidents and to limit their consequences for human health and the environment.’ This places a legal duty on businesses to take appropriate measures to control Major Accident Hazards and to mitigate the effects.

Sites are divided into ‘Top Tier’ and ‘Lower Tier’ organisations, depending on the amount of material stored. Top Tier sites are facilities that store, handle, or process significant quantities of hazardous substances such as Oil refineries and are subject to more stringent requirements under COMAH regulations.

Whereas Lower Tier sites which covers a diverse range of organisations have less stringent requirements under COMAH regulations, but nonetheless still need to carry out various activities
such as creating and maintaining a Major Accident Prevention Policy (MAPP).

We can assist with COMAH compliance with a range of services:

  • Carrying out an inventory assessment to verify if COMAH regulations apply
  • Review, auditing, and support of implementing a Safety Management System (COMAH Regulation 7), including gap analysis of existing management system and creation of a Major Accident Prevention Policy (MAPP)
  • Where appropriate, undertake, or assist in undertaking, HAZOP, LOPA, and other such studies on ‘high hazard’ processes

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