Bespoke DSEAR & ATEX Awareness Training

F.E.S. (EX) Limited has been engaged with the world’s largest automotive service organisations for almost a year, providing consultation, process safety services and training. We were recently asked to produce and deliver bespoke training courses to various appropriate levels of hierarchy across the business to promote DSEAR & ATEX Awareness.

As part of the client’s ongoing programme, the courses were scheduled to be delivered in 2022. By developing a good understanding of the client’s operations and requirements the course was developed and delivered within the prescribed time frame. We successfully delivered several training courses at the client’s premises as well as via remote video link, providing course notes and footage, along with hands-on examples.

At F.E.S. (EX) we tailor our course content to the client, which allows us to highlight how their facilities may be uniquely impacted by the risks involved within explosive atmospheres, specific to their operations. DSEAR regulations are standard across all industries, but understanding the risks relative to the client’s own facilities leads to an increased level of practical awareness.

Our ATEX Engineer responsible for developing and delivering the training said: “The delivery of awareness training, at various levels, is a regular service which we undertake. It is very interesting, seeing how candidates’ knowledge and appreciation of DSEAR grow throughout the course. I’m very happy with how it went as it promotes a greater knowledge of the risks in which candidates are working and promotes a better safety culture.”

Following the successful delivery of the training courses we are proud to have received positive feedback:

“Conclusive & In-depth information with good relation to the site’s requirements”

“Great course, very informative. I feel more confident to progress forward with Management of Change required, incorporating key fundamentals with ATEX/DSEAR/COMAH”

“Interesting. Gained good understanding of ATEX & DSEAR”

“Good Overview. Refreshed some previous points learnt on other courses”

If you would like more information about the explosive atmosphere training courses that we offer, or if you are interested in developing some bespoke DSEAR & ATEX training for staff at your business, please get in touch with our team who will be happy to help.