ExTrace® Asset Management Software

Our custom Asset Registration, Inspection Management & Data Gathering Solution

Through our uniquely designed live asset and inspection management system, we give you the peace of mind that your plant and your equipment always retain the highest levels of compliance and integrity. Developed in 2015 by E&I personnel for E&I personnel.

Being able to manage, maintain and inspect your assets in an efficient, concise and confident manner, ExTrace® is an invaluable tool for helping sites achieve and maintain legislative compliance with national and international standards, in accordance with Statutory Instruments, Laws and Regulations, such as DSEAR and ATEX.

“The key requirement is to be able to provide both current and historical evidence…”

Our asset and inspection management software is continuously developed by our team of programming engineers to ensure it remains a leader within its field.

ExTrace® is made for Windows 10/11. It has a modern user interface, customisable security levels, fast response times and simple information transfer processess for Data Gathering devices.

ExTrace® comes with customisable fields, allowing clients and sites to set up their databases to feel more familiar. User profiles can be customised with permission levels based upon company hierarchy and personnel competencies, helping to ensure data security by restricting access where needed.

Not only does ExTrace® allow the database to be accessed live whilst in the field but also back at the office. Its drag-and-drop facility enables documentation, such as HAC drawings, certificates of conformity, DSD calculations and wiring loop diagrams, to be attached to assets for quick referencing. Essentially, you can use ExTrace® to create and maintain a solid database of equipment, illustrating compliance with legal requirements for your plant.

ExTrace® generates a “live” asset register of items of Electrical, Instrumentation and Mechanical equipment. It can be easily accessed via a PC or laptop and is used in the field by the ExTrace® Gathering app on ATEX certified tablets.

Enhanced filtering of information is a basic function within ExTrace®, with parameters such as:

  • Site / Location
  • Manufacturer / Model / Serial No.
  • Asset Tag No.
  • Date of Registration
  • Protection Concept
  • Inspection Schedule & Grade
  • Date of Inspection
  • Name of Inspector

If you would like to see a free demonstration of our ExTrace® asset management system, either remotely or at your premises, contact us.


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